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Roger Bourdon

Are You Too Busy

Managing Your

Business To Know

Whether Or Not Your

Website Is Performing?

For your website to succeed and generate real and sustainable revenue for your business, there are four main factors it needs, these being :
  • Ranking
  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Customers

What separates you from your competitors on the Internet is distribution.  It’s about getting your message out so the search engines find and rank you quickly.

The secret of online distribution is about sending your content to as many of the following sites as possible

  • Video Networks
  • Social Media
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Networking
  • Podcast
  • Podcasting Directories
  • Product Directories
  • Article Directories

Done properly, you’ll dominate listings when people search on your keyword phrases for your products and services.

However, first you need copy on your website that sells, you need traffic, but not just any traffic, you need targeted traffic and you will only get that if you know the right search phrases to get prospects to your site.

Did you know that when people visit your site, you have less that 2 seconds to attract and keep their attention?  This means you need a process to do that and most importantly you need to collect their details (at a minimum their name and email address) so you can contact them in the future and hopefully convert them from a prospect to a customer.

Let us build and look after your online business whilst you continue to manage your company.

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