Getting Started

A really valuable 30 day roadmap of the steps to take to build your own online business from scratch

Finding A Niche

For the top ten searches

Hot markets

Keyword Research

Free research tool


Free version

Wordtracker is generally considered the industry standard, but a paid service. Can be bought by the day

Domain Names

Help in choosing a domain name

Registering A Domain Name


Hostagtor, best for hosting unlimited domains


Shopping Cart

Total Business Cart is a private label of 1shopping cart

Web Design

Software tools
Dreamweaver –
Frontpage –

Free Web Design Software

Free Web Templates

Graphics Software

Adobe Photoshop

Free Graphics Packages

Color Scheme Software

Harmonious Color Schemes
a program that allows you to see color theory in action: you can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples.

Free Color Matching Software
Just point your cursor at the color and get the RGB, CMYK and HTML settings

FTP Software



There are many other free FTP products available

Tracking Software

Adtrackz –
Google Analytics –

Link Building

Free Link Builder (there is a paid version too)

Link Exchange

Link Metro

Paid link building service –

Find your own through Google

keyword  “+ addurl”
keyword “+ addsite”
Keyword “+ submit site”

Link Directory Submitter

Public Domain
Useful sources for bonuses


Royalty Free Photos

Various sites, check carefully for usage restrictions

Audio Software

Audacity (free) –
Impact Web Audio –
Web Audio Plus –
Sony Audio Studio –

Sound Mixing
Accoustica Mixcraft –

Sound Effects (free)

Video Software

Desktop Screen recorder (free)

Windows Movie Maker -free with Windows XP and Vista

Sony Movie Studio –

Office Software

An MSOffice equivalent (free) for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, drawing and database

Submission of Press Releases

Sites where you can upload your Press Releases

Submission of Articles

Sites where you can upload your Articles

Find Affiliates

Affiliate location software

Find your own through Google

keyword  “+ affiliate”

Refer A Friend

Free script –

Low cost but good reporting –


Outsourcing Services from these sites


Blogger (free, owned by Google, easy to set up)

WordPress (free – use Fantastico on your host cpanel) or will need some technical skills to install

Expert WordPress To install a secure WordPress Blog
Expert WordPress

Essential Free Registrations

You need to set up accounts with the following
Clickbank (for sale & purchase of products)

Adsense (for adsense revenue)

Amazon (for affiliate sales)

PayPal – for payment and receipt of monies (set up a Merchant account)

Skype (free telephone calls)